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Composition Shingles
Shingles made from a variety of composite materials manufactured to resemble everything from wood shake shingles to ceramic tile.

Standing Seam
A standing seam roof is comprised of vertical metal panels, each with two seams that stand up vertically. Crimping these seams together seals the joint, and keeps moisture and water from collecting on the surface of your roof and leaking.

Single Ply
A roof system in which the principal roof covering is a single layer of flexible membrane, often thermoset or thermoplastic.

Torch Down
Applied Butimen
Similar to tar and gravel roofing, the torch down roof consists of layers of fiberglass and polyester with bitumen that are added to the regular tar and gravel layering system.

Coating Systems
Coating systems help in the maintenance of all types of roofing subtrates. They can extend the service life of an existing system and can offer significant energy savings.

Long Lasting roof tile is a thin flat slab of fired clay or cement providing protection against fire and wind.

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